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“Music is my alchemy”


"Posner’s music feels like cutting glass with a diamond"

-KMS Reviews, 2019

“Tess mixes elements of electropop and industrial to create a darkly sexy song. Posner flexes her vocal range from a low growl to a lilting falsetto on the track she describes as “a love letter to death.”

-Surviving the Golden Age, 2019

“Tess’s voice is delightfully haunting. Her tone conveys an emotional depth we don’t often seen in this genre of music. This song is an example of how pop music can break out of the constraints of superficiality when it wants to.”

-Stepkid, June 2019

“The Mask” is one of those tracks that you can leave on repeat and you will not get tired of it that easily. Lyrically and sound wise it is so strong and powerful that it really moves you Tess Posner is on fire showcasing the uniqueness of her voice and songwriting perfectly.”

-Jamsphere, June 2019

“Tess deals with contemplating a longing for authenticity, and the fears and realities that hold us back from living out loud as our full selves.”

-The Girls at the Rock Show, June 2019

Tess Posner's her music has been called “addictive and unapologetically honest” and often weaves in psychological and political themes. Her sound brings powerful vocals, haunting melodies and atmospheric rhythms together to bring the listener to deep places, as one review shared: "This track immediately feels like you just opened the door to a place you always wanted to be, but you always were too afraid to go. You needed someone to give you a little push to step through the door. Someone like Tess Posner."

She’s released 4 singles in 2019 with producers including Trey Vittetoe (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry) and Sal Oliveri (P!nk, Carrie Underwood, Ryan Tedder). She released her well-received single and music video Supernova on International Women’s Day and in 2019 her singles have won press coverage from many local and international blogs including Girls at the Rock Show, Pop Dust, Vents Magazine, Rock Your Lyrics, Staccatofy, Queen City Sounds and the Digital Fix.

When she's not singing or writing music, Tess is CEO of an award-winning nonprofit organization in the Bay Area focused on increasing diversity in the tech sector. Her work as an activist has won her press coverage from USA Today, Fast Company, the Wall St. Journal, MSNBC, Forbes, the Atlantic, Fortune, Entrepreneur Magazine and other major outlets.