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“Music is my alchemy”


Tess Posner began singing in coffee-houses as a teenager. In 2017, her passion for music reignited and she began writing songs for the first time. Her music has been called “addictive, haunting and unapologetically honest” and is often inspired by experiences in her years as an activist and entrepreneur.

“Tess’s voice is delightfully haunting. Her tone conveys an emotional depth we don’t often seen in this genre of music. This song is an example of how pop music can break out of the constraints of superficiality when it wants to.”

-Stepkid, June 2019

“The Mask” is one of those tracks that you can leave on repeat and you will not get tired of it that easily. Lyrically and sound wise it is so strong and powerful that it really moves you Tess Posner is on fire showcasing the uniqueness of her voice and songwriting perfectly.”

-Jamsphere, June 2019

“Tess deals with contemplating a longing for authenticity, and the fears and realities that hold us back from living out loud as our full selves.”

-The Girls at the Rock Show, June 2019