New EP: One Thousand Petals

New EP: One Thousand Petals

Debut EP: “One Thousand Petals

One thousand petals represents the lotus flower, which follows the arc of the story of the album. The lotus roots are based in the mud and it submerges every night into murky water, and blooms again. To write these stories has been a resurrection, I had to go deep into my own mud- to come out more alive than ever. Rediscovering my artist self and telling my stories has been joyful, cathartic and a response to the craziness unfolding in the world right now. Art is alchemy.

“Feels Like Freedom serves as the second track on a brand new release from Tess Posner titled “One Thousand Petals” that show off her innate ability to put you in a trance with her soft and airy vocals over passionate and emotional productions. This song in particular happens to be one of our favorites and a standout record on the project. For this to be the first time we have ever been exposed to any music from Tess, we were extremely impressed with how polished her sound was.”

JussRuss Radio, 2018

"With a soothing retro vibe inspired by her personal stories, Tess Posner cuts open through memories and pulls out forgotten feelings that are coming back to life to bring comfort to those listening to the EP."

Vents Magazine, 2018