Sometimes it’s hard to believe in a better future when major societal and environmental challenges are looming in front of us, and the media only focuses on bad news. But behind the scenes there is another story happening, and so many people who are out there doing the work to create a better world. They are artists, activists, healers, regular people who are the ones whose stories should be told. So I am launching a campaign on social media to share these stories called #provokehope. Help me change the narrative and lift up the stories that should be heard. I'd love to hear from you!  

SUBMIT A PHOTO, SONG or Artwork by July 20th

DM @tessposnermusic on Instagram

Or email tessposnermusic@gmail.com

Include a brief description and how to credit you

*Entries will be shared on Instagram and top ideas here and featured in my music video

Angelus Novus by Paul Klee

Angelus Novus by Paul Klee

I am starting #provokehope in conjunction with my upcoming single “New Angels.”

I wrote “New Angels” as a response to witnessing a murder in 2013 and contemplating how we can face major societal and environmental challenges that are looming in front of us without losing hope.

The title New Angels was inspired by a 1920 Paul Klee painting called New Angel (Angelus Novus), depicting the "angel of history" caught in a “storm of progress" moving from a violent, dark past to a better future.

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